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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

What types of sites are accepted?

We only accept sites that have a gambling theme. If your site fits one of the following categories: Gambling Portals, Online Bingo, Online Casinos, Poker Sites and Sports Betting Sites. Web sites must not contain nudity, violence, vulgar language, or links to adult sites.

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I am already a member of another exit exchange, Can I Join?

Yes and No... You can as long as Gambling-Trade is the only exit ad on that particular page.

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What are Credits?

Credits are what you earn for displaying other web sites on your web site. In exchange for the credits you earn we will display your web site among our vast network of other web sites.

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What are Referrals?

Referrals are people who sign up for through the Gambling-Trade link on the exit ads or optional banners / links. You get 20% of all credits they earn.

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Please explain the point system?

You earn 1 points each time your web page displays an exit window. You pay 2 points each time your web page is displayed in some else's exit window. You receive 1 point every 10 times one of your referrals displays an exit window, down 5 levels.

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Can I put the exit exchange code on each page?

Yes. By having the exit exchange code on each page, every visitor will see an exit window no matter on which page they enter your site. The exit exchange has a timer and each visitor to your web site (based on IP address) will view a maximum of one exit window every 30 minutes. So if your visitors are reading one page after another on your website, they will not be harassed by multiple exit windows popping up as they flip from page to page. 

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More Help

Email us at webmaster@gambling-trade.com

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